Considerations to be made while writing a Dissertation

Writing the dissertation or thesis paper for PhD is not a child’s play; it involves a lot of hard work and patience to accomplish. The work of thesis writing involves a lot of research in the area chosen for the project. The stress can be shed off only if little considerations are taken into account. One must be sure of what all is supposed to be kept in mind while writing the dissertation. Missing out on simple things actually paves the path for the tension and stress.

The purpose of the dissertations needs to be clearly identified

Starting off with the dissertation project when one is unclear about the objectives might lead to confusions. Students may drop the dissertation topic mid way. Hence, one needs to have the clearest understanding of the thesis topic chosen and should constantly be questioning the rationality of the same. Ask the PhD guide about the probabilities and the hypothesis which come up for the research.

Originality and the significance

While doing the work of dissertation writing, it is better to get a clear picture from your advisor on what resources are required for your work. The thesis must have significance for your academic career and for future contribution in the same field.


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