Top 10 Careers in Information Technology

There is a boom of information technology now-a-days. IT workers are exceedingly specialized in their field, which is perhaps why they are often just called β€œIT nerds.” They like what they do and comprehend it inside and out. IT workers are needed for every modern business model. There is always an IT professional beside every phones and emails models.

In our blog, we are listing 10 leading information technology fields.

1. Web developer

Web developers are quite famous. They create web applications like web pages, web content, etc.

2. Software engineer

Software engineers are after all the programs we run on our personal computers and mobile devices. This is an extensive range of niche fields you can work in.

3. IT consultant

It is a position, where your job is to evaluate the systems and do the research related to it.

4. Mobile application developer

People in this profession use basic coding languages, develops and creates programs for future iOS and Android devices.

5. Data Modeler

These IT professionals generate data designs and characterize relationships between data fields.

6. Cloud architect

You might have heard about cloud computing. It is not very much famous and organized profession and is related to architecture. This job requires a bachelor degree.

7. Computer forensic investigator

These are computer crime detectives – It is reported that a computer forensic investigators search for, recognize and assess information from computer systems, often for trial evidence.

8. IT Health specialist

It is a profession where IT Health specialists mix computer knowledge with record-keeping skills. IT Health specialists are specialized in billing, medical coding, and cancer registry etc.

9. Information technology vendor manager

The profession is away from some tech positions; vendor managers supervise supply when it comes to software and hardware.

10. Geospatial professionals

It is a profession where geographic data is used to estimate and communicate trends and patterns in elegant and widespread ways.

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