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Hospitality Industry generating more jobs for fresh graduates

Over the past few years hospitality industry in New Zealand has a tremendous increase due to growth in tourism. And the most dynamic industry in today’s business world, the hospitality industry is expected to grow rapidly. With rapid growth, the job offers in this industry are also increasing and requires professionally trained people. With more professional courses available in the market students can pave way for the exciting careers throughout the world. The professional courses being offered in hospitality and hotel management will provide employment in hotels, resorts, restaurants and other places. Though these jobs are blue color jobs they pay well equivalent to white color jobs. The demand for the talented and skilled employees in this industry will grow rapidly in future. Students before joining courses in hotel management at institutes must check if these institutes have alliances with top level hotels to provide practical training or job on work. Though the work timings and shift based work is long and tiring, the people in this industry have a passion towards their work. Some of the institutes offering these professional courses will have their own hotels or restaurants. Other institutes who do not have their own hotels will have tie ups with big hotels and restaurants to train their students. The students will be trained in front office work, kitchen, serving in hotels etc. by working practically with experienced professionals. At the end of the courses students will become efficient and gain proper knowledge and skills to efficiently manage hotel and catering operations. Also cooking in hotels is not just about cooking something for which there are recipes’ already available. Students during the professional courses will be given a chance to develop and try new recipes for drinks, food or other consumables. By doing so students will get a chance to innovate and develop new ideas. It is the only educational area where practical and theory are being taught in balanced terms. Theory is taught in classes and practicals are taught through industry exposure programs. One more advantage of this industry is that every country has hospitality industry and the skills attained in New Zealand can be implemented across the globe. This is the only professional course which helps in learning new cultures, meeting new people and discovering new countries. There are numerous jobs being offered in this industry across the globe in resorts, hotels, fast food outlets, pubs, discotheques, bars, tourism industry etc. At the end of the day hospitality management is all about interacting with people and making their day a little bit...
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Professional Courses in Fashion Designing

With growing technology and due to cross cultural activities fashion designing has become very attractive professional courses in the industry. Fashion designing is a kind of medium to express one’s personal expressions in a dynamic way. Earlier fashion designing was a niche subject and was available only for a few. Today with growing number of institutes fashion designing is no more difficult to practice. These fashion designing courses available in New Zealand have duration of few weeks to few months. By completing these professional courses the student can find himself as a designer positioning himself in a global context of fashion. By end of the course students will have practical knowledge of strategic and professional requirements for the fashion industry. Also with huge demand for designer wears and large exports fashion design graduates are lucky to have good prospect for jobs. Fashion designing helps graduate students to foster creativity and encourages developing new ideas. During the course students will learn pattern drafting, designing, concept development, tailoring and other techniques on using the fabrics. Studio practice is the most important part of learning the fashion designing. During the course students can develop contemporary designs or develop a range of garments on a concept. TO develop these designs students have to conduct research, analyze, develop ideas and transform the ideas which results in a creative end products. A student who does outstanding well will gain a chance through the institutes to present their work at major fashions like Air New Zealand Fashion Week. All through the courses students are being guided by the industry experts who have rich practical experience in fashion designing. Students can get the individual feedback from the industry experts who teach at some institutes. With such guidance along with hard work from the students can gain employment not only in New Zealand but also internationally as designers. Also during the course students are provided with magazines, CDs and other video study materials which help them to understand more about the current trends and requirements in the current New Zealand market. Not just designs and patterns students during the course will also learn the use of colors to produce professional patterns. By the end of the course the skills of the students will be at par with master practitioner who can work independently and will also be able to supervise others. In New Zealand there are many institutes that offer these courses directly and also through correspondence. With so much of flexibility students of New Zealand can learn and excel in the fashion industry which has huge job offers....
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